Socrates graces PSU faculty, staff conference


Governor Dennis Socrates recently attended the faculty and staff conference of the Palawan State State University.

The event has the theme: “PSU Towards Transformative Education.”

During his speech, Socrates presented the plans and priorities of his administration.

“Allow me to take this opportunity to share with you something of the direction which our new SPS administration in the Provincial Government of Palawan is heading,” said Socrates.

The SPS stands for ‘Serbisyo Progreso Sambayanan’ which was his during the campaign season.

“Of course, the letters are also the initials of my late father Salvador Paredes Socrates whose last campaign slogan was ‘Sulong Palawan Sulong’ but I would like to assure you that beyond its use as campaign propaganda, I’m also serious about the good governance agenda that is sought to be expressed in the slogan Serbisyo Progreso Sambayanan,” he said.

Socrates also thanked the administration of PSU for inviting him to attend the activity.

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