Love wins! VG Lagman serves as ninong for newly-wed LGBT couple


Albay Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman stood as a principal sponsor during the wedding of an LGBT couple in Daraga.

Lagman said he immediately accepted the invitation to advocate for equality.

“Congratulations, Ebrada Kirt Lester of Daraga for your dream to become a bride coming true and to Jhon Rey Lasap of Sorsogon City for being a groom. Your love relationship is now blessed by Ptr Macario Sangcap of the LGBTS Christian Church of the Philippines as a civil partnership,” the vice governor said.

“We talk about equality, inclusivity, fair play, justice, human rights, Christian values and claim to advocate them. But kaya ba natin panindigan ang mga panininiwala natin by actually living them? Kaya kudos sa kusog nin boot asin sa tunay na pagkaminootan ni Jhon and Kirt,” he added.

“Surely you give love a good name sa indong desisyon to be faithful to one another and to exclusively love and cherish each other,” he continued.

Lagman stressed that like any other couples, Jhon and Kirt are also humans who just happen to be gay.

“#lovewins and as it should for every human being. We are not men, women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders or queers first. We are first and foremost human beings. This should be the ultimate premise. Again, my warmest best wishes to this very human couple who just happens to be gay,” he said.

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