Panaligan: FVR is one of pillars of Calapan’s cityhood


Oriental Mindoro Rep. Arnan Panaligan has mourned the passing of former President Fidel V. Ramos, who signed the law converting Calapan into a city.

“I recognize President Ramos as one of the key supporters of the conversion of Calapan into a component city in 1998. It was he who signed and approved Republic Act No. 8475 authored by Rep. Renato V. Leviste that created the City of Calapan,” sald Panaligan.

“Without his pivotal support, Calapan would not have become a city on March 21, 1998,” he added.

For this reason, the former Mayor of Calapan said that they owe him a debt of gratitude and “we consider him as one of the pillars of the cityhood of Calapan.”

Panaligan noted that he first became Mayor in 1995, during the term of President Ramos.

“I was able to observe first hand his administration’s commitment and support to full local autonomy and decentralization,” he said.

“A military man for most of his life, he demonstrated adherence to constitutional processes and respect for the separation of powers governing through consensus and coalition building rather than dominating the other branches of government,” he added.

He also remembered Ramos era as a time of political “peace and stability without the polarization that marked the suceeding administrations. The focus was on the revitalization of the economy.”

Ramos, the 12th Philippine President, passed away on July 31. He was 94.