VG Lagman marks ‘golden’ birthday


Albay Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman has expressed gratitude to all those who joined his 50th birthday celebration.

“Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate a meaningful, thanks-filled golden birthday! Finally, i have entered the infant stage of old age! Hahaha,” said Lagman.

It just hit me that i have gone through a lot of pain, loss and heartache in my life… and the funny thing is that i’ve somehow overcome all of them,” he added.

As he entered his “old age journey,” Lagman said that people in their 50s should no better.

“I think most people in their younger years have the tendency to attach too much drama, invest too much emotion and are prone to greatly exaggerate their personal crises, obstacles and challenges,” he said.

“But most people in their 50s should know better. They know that there’s no point in taking themselves too seriously,” he said.

“Now that i have started undertaking baby steps in my old age journey, all i can say is to just make sure to never get too high on the highs and never too low on the lows. In the final analysis, once i get to be hundred, i would by then realized that life is truly but a dream. So we just have to row our boats gently. There’s no point in rocking it. Let’s try to be on an even keel…pursue work-life balance. But always, always tipping the boat just a little bit in favor of “life”,” he continued.