Makabayan bloc slams arrest of its Bicol provincial coordinator


Lawmakers composing the Makabayan Bloc condemned the alleged illegal arrest of its provincial coordinator in Bicol.

Makabayan bloc slammed the recent arrest of Makabayan Bicol coordinator and Makabayan Vice President for Luzon Marites “Tes” Pielago by state agents over “trumped-up charges” of murder and frustrated murder.

Joint forces of the AFP-PNP served the warrant of arrest while Pielago was in confinement at Memorial Foundation Hospital in Naga City due to her worsening health condition.

“The 63-year old leader activist, who is also a former Bayan Muna nominee, is a well-known women’s rights and consumer rights advocate who has long been fighting for the democratic rights of the Bicolano people,” the bloc said in a statement .

“Her arrest is clearly a vile attempt to silence dissenters and insight fear amid the growing discontent of the Filipino people due to the intensifying poverty and economic crisis in the country,” the progressive bloc said.

They also raised concerns over cases of human rights violations, especially against progressive groups and individuals.

“The Makabayan bloc will file a resolution seeking a congressional probe over the illegal arrest of Tes Pielago and vows to continue to call for the junking of Executive Order No. 70, which lays down the government’s ‘whole-of-nation approach’ for the crackdown and suppression of people’s democratic rights,” the group said.

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