VG Lagman performs ninong duties


Albay Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman has performed his ninong duties for the nth time.

Lagman also thanked Mr. Russ Daniel Baldoza and Mrs. Roxanne Delos Santos-Baldoza for having him as their ninong.

“Honored to perform my ninong duties this afternoon. It’s my second time to be principal sponsor on my second term as VG,” said Lagman.

The vice governor also said that the couple showed good signs for a successful marriage.

Well, there’s really no secret recipe to marital bliss. But all i can say is that i got the sense that everyone present in your church wedding and wedding party agrees that you both are in possession of all the ingredients for a successful marriage,” said Lagman.

“This is a very good sign as you embark on your storybook love journey,” he added.

“I’m also a bit of an “expert” when it comes to these things. Having been a ninong for the nth time helps. So you guys better believe me when i say that all indicators point to a very successful and fulfilling marital life,” he continued.

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