VG Lagman marks 50th birthday with family


Albay Vice Governor Edcel Lagman has celebrated his 50th birthday with his family.

Lagman said that he just wanted to go back “to the basics” and spend it with the people who always support him.

“This is the group of people who always have my back. So i want to let them all know how thankful i am for each and everyone of them,” said Lagman.

“Family keeps us grounded. We get the most honest feedback from them. It’s a cliche but as fas clichés go, it’s the people who saw us grow up, stayed beside us when we were at our best and worst, saw us in our highest and lowest points that will always want the best for us,” he added.

Meanwhile, he also thanked all those who remembered his special day.

“To all my friends, OVG family members, leaders and coordinators, dear Albayano constituents who called, texted and messaged me well wishes, dakulang salamat sa saindo gabos,” he said.

“You’re the icing on my cake; the cherry on top my fave ice cream. Starting this golden decade right is very important. You all made this start extra special! Super mabalos po sa saindo gabos,” he added.