Naga Mayor Mayor Nelson Legacion says Rowena Guanzon’s concern has long been addressed


Naga Mayor Mayor Nelson Legacion was quick to clarify a concern that former elections commissioner Rowena Guanzon brought up on Twitter.

Guanzon asked on Twitter if the Naga Mayor was aware that one of the city’s employees was abusive to vendors, and said a Naga resident informed her about the matter.

In a Facebook post, Legacion cited Guanzon’s tweet and thanked her for her concern.

He clarified that the matter had already been brought to his attention and was investigated back in July 1.

The investigation found that the it was the vendor who assaulted the Naga public safety office employee by throwing a basket of palitaw at her while sidewalk clearing operations were being conducted, he said.

The vendor made the attack while arguing against being removed from the sidewalk, he said.

He also said the behavior of female PSO employee that was captured in a viral video only showed her response to the action against her.

The PSO employee has since decided not to pursue a complaint against the vendor, he said.

Legacion said the city government has initiated efforts to transfer ambulant and sidewalk vendors to a designated area to prevent similar incidents from taking place in the future.

He also provided a link to his earlier response to the viral video.

This should clear things up!


Thank you maam for your concern on this matter. This incident already came to our knowledge for which we immediately conducted an investigation last July 1, 2022. It turned out that it is the Lady PSO who was assaulted by the vendor while they were conducting sidewalk clearing operations in downtown Naga. The vendor in question threw a basket of ‘palitaw’ upon the face of the lady PSO, while arguing against being removed from the sidewalk. The behavior of the lady PSO as captured in the viral video was a mere response to the misdemeanor of the vendor. She however decided not to file a complaint against the vendor for unjust vexation and disobedience to agents of persons in authority.

As further response to the incident, we have already initiated efforts to locate our ambulant or sidewalk vendors to a designated place for them, so as to abate likelihood of same incidents in the future.

Here is a link to the post we made last July 1, to make known to the public the real account behind the viral video, and update them of the actions we have taken:

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