Donsol Mayor Jo Alcantara Cruz jokes that she’d have to lose weight to look like her Wonder Woman caricature


Donsol Mayor Jo Alcantara Cruz received a drawing of herself as Wonder Woman as a thank you gift from her supporters before she steps down from office.

The drawing was accompanied by messages of thanks for her service as mayor, as well as a statement that they would wait for her comeback.

In a Facebook post, Cruz thanked her supporters for the gift and for their messages.

But she said she would have to lose many kilos, in the double digits, before she could look as svelte as her Wonder Woman drawing.

Maybe she’ll have time to slim down before the next election!

“… tall order …. I have to loss 2 digit kgs para maging katulad ng nasa caricature pics… for me to ‘comeback’ ..


Hahaha … salamat sa gift, presence and support!” Cruz posted.