Learn to forgive, says Masbate Board Member Jason Arevalo


It looks like Masbate Board Member Jason Arevalo believes in second chances.

In a Facebook post, Arevalo advised people not to give up on those who are at their worst, because they may still change for the better.

Arevalo advocated for forgiveness, which means seeing that people could change for the better.

As people age, they become more mature and kinder and gain better perspectives, he said.

Instead of burning bridges, we can give people a chance to change, he said.

Can you learn to forgive?

“Often, when we give up on someone at his worst, we forego the chance to have him at his best.

Forgiving is seeing people can change. For good. For the better. Age brings in maturity, kinder realizations, better perspectives. A man’s character, after all, is polished by the agitations of experience, the abrasions of time.

Thus, the next time we decide to burn bridges, think of the Man on the other side. Change can be his new name…” Arevalo posted.