VG Lagman: Best parenting style is to be there for your kids


Albay Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman said that the best parenting style is just to be with your children.

Lagman recalled that he became a father at a young age, without knowing how it is to become a parent.

“I became a father at 22 years of age. To be honest, i knew nothing about being a parent at that time. And to be very honest, nearing 50, i still can’t say that i have all the answers and know everything about being one,” he said.

“Parenting is a continuous learning process,” he added.

But Lagman said that all he wanted was for his children to be well protected and provided and for them to have all the possible advantages and opportunities to have a good life.

“I want all of them to be better than me. Yes, i give them advice all the time. But at the end of the day, the best parenting style is just to be there for your kids. To be a good example to them. To be kind to them and give them wide berth to discover life on their own terms,” he said.

“Happy father’s day to all fathers of all ages, shapes, sizes —- and “genders”. Fatherhood’s a tough job if you want to do it right. But it’s always going to be worth it. Parenting can be one of the best opportunities to be a good human being. So thanks to all my kids who always inspire me to be a good father,” he added.