Legazpi City recognized as Child Friendly City


Councilor Vince Baltazar announced that Legazpi City has been recognized as one of the Child Friendly Cities in the country.

Baltazar also lauded the efforts of outgoing Legazpi City Mayor and Albay Governor-elect Noel Rosal for the achievement.

“Congratulations LGU Legazpi Mayor Noel Ebriega Rosal , CSWD Marlene Manaya and CSWD Staffs and to all the people who work hard and helped to achieve this recognition,” he said.

“We have garnered 95.3 total score as one of the Child Friendly City in the recently concluded Child-Friendly Governance Audit,” he added.

Baltazar, who will soon sit as Albay board member, also said that he’s honored to pass legislations that seek to protect children.

“I am honored and thankful that i have contributed and given the privilege to pass the Legazpi Children Rights and Welfare Code that boost the protection and welfare of our Children,” he said.

“My warmest congratulations also to the Municipality of Camalig for the outstanding performance headed by Mayor Caloy G Baldo,” he also said.

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