Nabua Councilor Donna Oñate celebrates approval of breastfeeding ordinance


Nabua Councilor Donna Oñate was happy to see the approval of her breastfeeding ordinance before she steps down from her post to serve as Camarines Sur Board Member.

In a Facebook post, Oñate hailed the third and final approval of the ordinance providing for the strict implementation of the mother-child friendly work environment.

This mandates all institutions, both public and private, to establish breastfeeding stations and to allow breastfeeding employees to have break intervals, she said.

This should be in addition to their regular time off for meals and should be counted as compensable hours worked, she said.

This was her last hurrah!

“Last Hurrah!

Today 2 regular sessions before I step down as Regular Member of the Sangguniang Bayan Nabua, ‘Ordinance Providing for Strict Implementation of Mother-Child Friendly Work Environment in the Municipality of Nabua in Support with the Breastfeeding Policy and Providing Penalties for Non Compliance Thereof” which I principally authored was approved on Third and Final Reading..

This Ordinance mandates all institutions wether public or private to establish breastfeeding stations and allows breastfeeding employees to have break intervals in addition to the reqular time-off for meals and shall be counted as compensable hours worked which shall not be less than a total of 40 minutes for every 8-hour working period and could be 2-3 breastmilk expressions lasting 15-30 minutes each within a workday..,” Oñate posted.

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