May linya na! Odiongan Vice Mayor Diven Dimaala asks motorists to park in proper spaces


Odiongan Vice Mayor Diven Dimaala has appealed to motorists to follow parking rules after the repainting of the pavement along Formilleza Street.

In a Facebook post, Dimaala said the repainting already marked the areas where vehicles are allowed to park.

The lines show where the vehicles could stay in compliance with the one-side parking ordinance for one way streets.

If motorists want to avoid being apprehended or facing penalties, they should just follow the lines!

“Re-painting of pavement at Formilleza St which is a One Way St.,supervised by the MPDC.

This is where to park your vehicles under ‘One Side Parking Ordinance on One Way St.’

Pls. park only on this marked designated parking area, and take note that this is not an overnight parking space,but a temporary parking space only while doing your business in this area..

To avoid apprehensions and penalties just obey the ordinance.

#serbisyongmaypuso,” Dimaala posted.

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