Pink pa rin! Masbate BM Jason Arevalo won’t be removing his car’s Leni sticker anytime soon


The elections may be over, but Masbate Board Member Jason Arevalo has no plan of removing the Leni Robredo sticker from his car.

In a Facebook post, Arevalo said the sticker would remain while he continues to believe in Robredo, who lost her bid for the presidency.

He is proud to use that sticker because it shows what his values are, he said.

It also symbolizes the dream he has for his children and for the nation.

When he sees the sticker, he is reminded of who he is, what he stands for, and what are his standards for a good government, he said.

The sticker would be there for a long time, until the country reaches its destination and he sees the people’s dream coming true, or until we are all proven wrong, he said.

He knows he made the right choice, and he’s standing by it!

“It’s been over a week. And a friend asked: Aren’t you taking the Leni sticker off the car?

To which I replied, “No. Not yet. Not until I am proven wrong which I have prayed I would.”

Told him I would never be ashamed to wear that sticker in the car. It’s my badge of values. A symbol of the dream I have for my kids and this nation. A reminder of who I am and the principles I stand for.

That sticker mirrors my standards of what good governance is: participatory, inclusive, pro-poor, resourceful, pro-active, just, transparent, accountable. It will remind me of the values upon which I will judge the incoming administration.

The sticker stays. And it will be there for a long, long drive. Until we reach the destination. Until the dream we all share sees the break of dawn.

Or better yet, until we are all proven wrong…


In choosing her, our consciences had already won. What we lost is just the chance. For now…,” Arevalo posted.