Need picturan! Albay Board Member Glenda Ong Bongao takes a photo of delicious cupcakes


Albay Board Member Glenda Ong Bongao received a box of delicious-looking cupcakes, and before devouring them, she took a photo of the treats.

Bongao shared the snapshot on Facebook and added a tongue-in-cheek comment.

“Yeah, I get it. Binigyan ka, but the point is need pa bang picturan?” she posted.

And of course she had to, as the cupcakes look yummy, she said.

Her caption is a parody of the comment of a netizen who questioned why Vice President Leni Robredo had to take a photo of her daughter Jillian on her graduation.

The netizen has been widely derided for her hypocritical comment, with people pointing out that this netizen has a photo of her daughter’s graduation on her own social media account.