VP Robredo shares encounters with Pinoys in New York


Vice President Leni Robredo has had several heartwarming encounters with Filipinos in New York City, which she is visiting for daughter Jillian’s graduation.

Robredo talked about several of these on Facebook.

In one incident, she and her daughters met two Filipinas at the subway station, and they gave a graduation gift for Jillian.

They were unable to get their names during the brief meeting, and she asked them to post their names in the comment section so that they could thank them properly.

Robredo also met Remy Gil, a father of a 12 year old girl named Fiona who is a fan, and who gave her a flower for Jillian.

A third person she met was Stephanos Otto, a Filipino from Chicago who was vacationing in Canada when he heard that the Robredos were in New York.

He flew in to the city hoping to meet them, and deduced their location from their social media posts.

He brought a bouquet of flowers for Jillian.

Robredo thanked these Filipinos for their gestures.

She’s welcome in New York!

“Saw this entry on facebook. I assume the pics were taken by the two young Filipinas we met at the subway station. We weren’t able to get your names so if you see this post, pls send us your names in the comment section below so we can thank you properly for the grad gift you gave Jillian.

Thank you also to Remy Gil. He was waiting for us with a flower for Jillian after we got out of Radio City Music Hall. He is the father of 12 year old Fiona, who he said, was a big fan. I wasn’t able to take a picture of us so if you can send us sana a copy of the picture we took from your camera.

Thank you also to Stephanos Otto, the guy in the second photo. As i was lining up to enter Radio City Music Hall yesterday. I heard someone calling my name from the street and then I saw this guy holding a boquet of flowers. He said they were for Jillian. He is a Filipino living in Chicago. He was vacationing in Canada when he read somewhere that we were in New York. He flew in para magbakasakali. He was able to figure out where we were from our posts. Galing!! Thank you, Stephanos

,” Robredo posted.