Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman urges elected officials to find common ground with each other


Now that the dust has settled after the elections, Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman is focused on having a good working relationship with the province’s newly elected officials to ensure the continued progress of Albay.

In a Facebook post, Lagman shared a copy of his congratulatory letter to the new officials, where he assures them that he is committed to fostering a vibrant and meaningful relationship between their offices.

He said a concerted effort is needed so that Albay would continue to grow.

The pandemic requires officials to work together as a team, he said.

The people of Albay should feel that the elections are behind them and that the officials are working toward the goal of securing a better life for them, he said.

Regardless of their political affiliations, all officials must find common ground with each other to make sure that the biggest winner will be the people, he added.

It’s time to join forces!

“An congratulatory letter ko sa gabos na mga newly-elected officials kan Albay. Ini po an sample na tinao ko sa mga bagong eligidong opisyales.


Genuine Leadership (GL) is definitely not just about winning an election. GL is all about serving constituents. That’s why all elected officials—-regardless of political persuasions, stripes or colors—-MUST find a common ground with each other. This is to make sure that the biggest winners will be the people who voted them to office.

.” Lagman posted.