Kapit lang! Tricia Robredo shares her feelings after election results


The election results have been painful for Leni Robredo’s daughter Tricia, but she is at peace and can walk with her head held high.

Tricia talked about how she felt in a Facebook post after receiving countless inquiries asking how she was.

She said the poll results were painful and difficult to understand, though these feelings do not compare to the heartbreak of losing her father Jesse.

She has also come to ponder on a quote from one of her college professors. “‘If you want to save the world, you have to absorb all its pain. Hindi puwedeng walang aray.”

Tricia also said what she’s seeing from her mother and sisters is a different kind of grief.

It’s not one that leads to unproductive anger, but one that reminds you of how you cared and which made you love and try harder.

Because of this, she is at peace and knows they will be fine.

Whatever the results and whatever happens, people should hold their heads up high, she said.

There is no need to be ashamed of a tired and wounded heart, and they can be proud of what they experienced and what they witnessed, she said.

Their efforts were not wasted, and they should hold on, she said.

Things are just beginning, she added.

“Woke up this morning to endless messages asking how we are. It’s honestly quite difficult to look for the right words without the risk of being misinterpreted but here’s an attempt.

Totoong masakit at mahirap maunawaan but I don’t think it compares to the heartbreak we felt when we lost our dad. Even then, we had to soldier on – dahil maraming umaasa at may mga laban na kailangang ilaban. Hindi nawala ang sakit pero mas lalong hindi nawala ang pagmamahal. Kaya nagpatuloy. This crossed my mind throughout the day, as I tried to make sense of what has happened so far and as I navigated my way through a whirlwind of conflicting emotions.

One of my favorite professors from college once told me, ‘if you want to save the world, you have to absorb all its pain. Hindi puwedeng walang aray’.

There’s grief that sows unproductive anger, but there’s a kind that reminds you of how fiercely you cared and that propels you to love and try harder. I see it in Mama. I see it in my sisters. That’s why I’m at peace and that’s how I also know we’ll all be alright.

Kaya anuman ang maging resulta at anuman ang mangyari, taas noo. Hindi dapat ikahiya ang isang pusong pagod at sugatan. Ipamalas ang pinagdaanan at ipagmalaki ang lahat ng nasaksikahan.

Walang sayang. Kapit. Nagsisimula palang.

,” Robredo posted.