Angono officials address road work problems


Road works in Angono have spawned some problems for residents in the area, which prompted officials led by Mayor Jeri Mae Calderon to call a technical meeting to address these.

During the meeting, officials and experts provided solutions to residents’ complaints related to the road construction along 4th Street in Barangay San Vicente and in Edenville in Barangay San Isidro and Kalayaan.

One of the concerns raised was the collection of smelly stagnant water along 4th street due to diggings conducted earlier.

The officials decided to have soil dumped on the road so that it could be made passable.

They also ordered the construction of a temporary outfall or canal so that the water would not become stagnant.

Additional signages and warning signs would also be installed in the area.

A meeting with residents would be called as well to explain to them the importance of the road project.

As for Edenville, the residents’ concerns centered around the hole in the drainage along the road, which could dangerous.

Angono officials summoned the contractor and ordered it to prioritize the repair of the hole.

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