Bitter yan! Odiongan Vice Mayor Diven Dimaala sings the praises of ampalaya


It looks like Odiongan Vice Mayor Diven Dimaala does not mind the bitterness of ampalaya.

In a Facebook post, Dimaala listed the benefits derived from ampalaya as he shared a photo of him and Mayor Trina Fabic posing before a big bunch of the vegetables.

He said ampalaya, scientifically known as momordica charantia, reduces blood sugar and cholesterol levels, has anti-cancer properties, is available in all seasons, and is best eaten in a salad or with eggs and onions.

When it comes to ampalaya, it’s okay to be bitter!

“Momordica charantia aka Ampalaya

* Reduces Blood Sugar Levels

* Reduces Cholesterol Levels

* Has anti cancer properties

* best for salad or with eggs and onions @breakfast

available all season,” Dimaala posted.

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