Trolls attack Albay Gov. Al Francis Bichara’s Facebook page


The office of Albay Gov. Al Francis Bichara has warned the public that its Facebook page has come under attack by trolls.

In a Facebook post, Bichara’s page said the attack may have been triggered by various groups’ expression of support for the governor on social media.

It said the trolls were pretending to support Bichara, but they were actually trying to discredit the engagement from his true, organic, and genuine supporters.

It advised Albay residents to be wary about what they would see on social media and to fact check claims they would read, especially during the campaign season.

The governor himself would not resort to dirty tactics, it added.

Bichara would also like his supporters to avoid negative campaigning and to just promote his accomplishments, it said.

The governor’s official page would continue to provide information to the public, it added.

Let’s stick to what is true!

“PUBLIC NOTICE: As of 4:00PM today, 6 April 2022 (Wednesday) – we’ve noticed troll attacks targeted at Gov. Al Francis Bichara’s Official Facebook Page… It may be noted that recently, more and more have expressed their all out support to our Dear Governor through Social Media and this got the attention of interest groups.

These troll attacks are PRETENDING to support, but are aimed to DISCREDIT the active engagements by true, organic, and genuine supporters of Gov. Bichara, primarily the Youth of Albay.

Kindly be advised and be careful. Likewise, a gentle reminder to all Albayanos to fact-check everything you’ll see on social media most especially now in the height of the campaign period.

The Father of Albay, Governor Al Francis Bichara – does not engage in such dirty tactics, negative campaigning or anything of such form ever since, and calls to all his supporters also not to engage in negative campaigning – rather help promote the massive accomplishments of his Team, the Provincial Government of Albay under his leadership.

The Official Page of the good Governor remains as an information portal for Albayanos, the General Public and will remain as such, likewise will continue to be a portal with direct access to Governor Al Francis Bichara.

To know more about the Gov. Al, follow this official Facebook Page with the “Blue verified Badge” , Official Website: and

Thank you.

– FB Page Admin

Affected post:,” Bichara’s page posted.

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