BM Arevalo: Leni is a compassionate lawyer, and more


Masbate Senior Provincial Board Member Jason Arevalo echoed the statement of President Rodrigo Duterte that the next president of the country should be a compassionate lawyer.

Arevalo said that he admires Duterte’s political will, which he said remains “unmatched” in recent history.

“I must admit though, as a fellow lawyer and public servant, I have been critical of your national security and foreign diplomacy policies, debt-driven economic agenda, selective justice, pandemic response and recovery measures, your anti-drug war and your anti-Church rhetoric,” he said.

“But with you saying that what this nation needs is a decisive, compassionate lawyer for a president, I cannot agree more. Pun or no pun intended,” he added.

Among the presidential bets, only two are lawyers: Vice President Leni Robredo and Jose Montemayor, Jr.

“By the way, Leni is everything that you descibed, Sir. And yeah, more,” Arevalo said.

“In the twilight days of your tenure as president, you can bequeath a legacy we, your people, will forever be grateful,” he said.

“Bequeath to us a president who in your own words is not a ‘weak leader’ and ‘spoiled brat;’ a decisive yet compassionate lawyer ‘leader;’ one whose academic and professional records are not suspect; one who is not a tax offense convict; one who inspires and walks his talks; one who is a servant-leader and with a clear and comprehensive platform of government if elected,” he added.

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