Albay solon asks LTFRB to lift restrictions on jeepney routes


Albay Rep. Joey Salceda urged LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra to allow public utility jeepneys (PUJs) to ply their full routes following appeals from the jeepey sector.

“Transport supply will definitely be less than transport demand as workers resume face-to-face work, and as onsite classes begin. The result, in this high oil price environment, is a lot of pain for workers and student, as well as for PUJ drivers,” Salceda said.

In his letter to Delgra, Salceda also wrote that “PUJs, as you know, are better ventilated than buses, making them safer, in that respect, from COVID-19. Public transport availability is also a critical component of the country’s strategy to mitigate the impacts of ongoing fuel price hikes. I trust that the LTFRB will maintain its publicly-pronounced commitments during the Ad Hoc Committee hearing.”

Salceda noted that there is no longer any plausible reason for the restrictions on routes.

We already allow massive election rally crowds, face-to-face work and classes, and we have dropped contact tracing requirements. Jeepney drivers and should not be left behind in our burgeoning economic recovery,” Salceda said.

“Until the government can begin implementing adequate fuel subsidies, which was already promised but left unfulfilled as early as last year, reopening jeepney routes is the least the LTFRB can do,” Salceda wrote.

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