Calapan Councilor Rona Leachon remembers her brother on his death anniversary


Calapan Councilor Rona Leachon lost her only brother 14 years ago, but he is never gone from her memories.

In a Facebook post, Leahcon shared a photo of her visiting her brother’s grave.

He said that in a way, he is lucky because he is at peace with the Lord.

Her brother has also been reunited with their parents, and at least they have nothing more to worry about.

She believes they are now watching over the family, she said.

“–it has been 14 years since my only bro left this real world, but I know how lucky he was for he’s at peace with our Creator


, and truly reunited with our parents. For at least one good thing, they have no more worries, health problems or concerns..thanks for watching over us.

01/15/2008 – 2022,” Leachon posted.