Grow calamansi for vitamin C, says Marinduque Board Member John Pelaez

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Vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins that people are taking, especially during the pandemic, Marinduque Board Member John Pelaez has a tip for those who want a year round supply of this.

In a Facebook post, Pelaez said people who want ready access to vitamin C should plant calamansi in their backyards.

He said it was easy to cultivate, but grows better in cool, elevated areas with sandy soil.

It will bear fruit in a year or two, he said.

They should also take care to harvest it to avoid damaging its branches or leaves.

Who needs to buy vitamins when you have a calamansi tree?

“Want to have a year-round supply of vitamin C? Plant calamansi in your backyard!

Calamansi or calamondin is a fruit tree native to the Philippines and one of the most commonly grown trees among the citrus species. Although it is easy to cultivate and thrives in a wide variety of environmental conditions, calamansi grows well in cool, elevated areas with sandy soil.

Moreover, in just a year or two after planting, you can already reap the benefits of this versatile citrus fruit! To harvest, you can pick the fruits from the branch either by hand or by using a pair of scissors. Make sure to take extra care to prevent damage to the branches or to the leaves. Likewise, keep the fruit fresh and avoid injury to its skin when harvesting by leaving a portion of the stem attached to the fruit.


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#serVICEyongPELAEZ,” Pelaez posted.