Long live! Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman visits his centenarian lolo


Tabaco City’s latest centenarian is Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman’s own lolo.

In a Facebook post, Lagman shared that he visited his lolo Isidoro Cao, who is his late grandmothers’s first cousin, to greet him on his 100th birthday.

Lagman said he was happy to see that his lolo could walk and eat without assistance.

He recalled that Lolo Isidoro was one of his father’s original campaigners when he ran for Congress in 1987.

Lagman also shared some trivia and said the family had actually changed their Chinese surname Cao to Castelar so that their older brother who is a priest won’t be called “Fr. Mamu Cao.”

Perhaps they though Fr. Castelar sounded more distinguished, he said.

Still, some family members retained their surname Cao.

And the Cao name lives on in Lolo Isidoro!


Happy 100th birthday to my Lolo Isidoro Cao!




He’s my late lola’s (Cecilia Castelar-Lagman February 1, 1915-August 13, 2011) first cousin. Made a quick afternoon visit to the birthday boy and i’m happy he can still walk and eat unaided.

Cheers to Tabaco City’s newest centenarian! A close blood relative at that. He was also one of papa’s original campaigners in his maiden run for Congress in 1987. Thanks for everything, lolo!




Note: My lola Nana’s family changed their Chinese surname “Cao” to Castelar because they didn’t want parishioners in Malinao and Tabaco to address their elder brother as ‘Fr. Mamu Cao’ or “Father Cao’. Perhaps it’s because the ‘Mu’ in Mamu sounds like a cow’s ‘mooo’. Haha Or because ‘Father Castelar’ sounds more distinguished than ‘Father Cao’. Hehe But most Cao family members stuck it out with Cao. I need the confirmation of the family’s resident historian Marco Stefan Lagman on this though. Hahaha,” Lagman posted.