Lagman lauds OVG Youth Ambassadors


Albay Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman said that he is very proud with more than a hundred youth ambassadors of his office.

“So proud of these two (2) amazing batches of young men and women,” Lagman said, referring to 110 OVG Youth Ambassadors.

“I hope i have imparted to all of them the values of honor, excellence and hardwork. It seems like it so my staff and I organized a year-end event for them,” said the vice governor.

“It was complete with team building exercises and an instant beauty pageant,” it added.

Lagman said that the third batch of youth ambassadors will be picked in 2022.

“Our OVG YA family will definitely welcome the new additions with open arms. Teaching and mentoring is second nature to them,” he said.