Iriga Mayor Madel Alfelor defends family friend from rivals’ attacks


Iriga Mayor Madel Alfelor will not stay silent against those who are spending big bucks to destroy her name.

In a Facebook post, Alfelor came to the defense of her family’s long time friend Ruben Delos Santos after he was the subject of false claims about his business from the Rinconada Secret Files account.

She said Rinconada Secret Files was a fake account, and P500,000 a month was being spent to destroy her.

The attacks have reached Delos Santos, who is close to her family.

But she vouched for Delos Santos, who had been with the family for almost 40 years, when her father was still an assemblyman.

She said she has decided to break her silence to clear his name.

She accused the Villafuertes of being behind the move to taint him.

She won’t take this sitting down!

“Rinconada Secret Files HOAX and FAKE ACCOUNT…. Spending 500k pesos monthly just to DESTROY ME….

KUYA RUBEN DELOS SANTOS has been with our family for almost 40 years already, since the time na assemblyman pa po si papa ko (former Cong. Boboy Alfelor).

And he was treated as part of our family.. When my father died iya na po pinagkatiwalaan ka pamilya bilang gurang na ngod namu… Abo ko na kintana patulan adi dahil isi ka mga taga iriga and rinconada a kamaturan…

But i have to break my silence dahil grabe na panlalait and panraraot ka mga pamilyang VILLAFUERTE kanamu.. Pati pamilya ni kuya maski di naniniwala dahil i grew up loving all of them, ading inaalipusta nira kanamu below the belt na..




Gusto po ninyo arog kan mag reynar sadi CAM SUR, RINCONADA mga butigon saka abusero? Mag isip isip naman po kamu mga taga RINCONADA…








#notoduplicationofaccount,” Alfelor posted.

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