Duterte asks Mimaropa local leaders to support campaign vs insurgency


n his speech in Calapan City, President Rodrigo Duterte stressed the role of local chief executives and community leaders in addressing communist rebellion but also in fighting crimes and illegal drugs.

Duterte also asked local leaders to support his government in advancing its goal of securing the nation during the meeting of the National Task Force and Regional Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-RTF ELCAC) in Mimaropa held in Calapan City.

Duterte persuaded local chief executives in the region to synergize their efforts with the NTF and RTF-ELCAC in fighting lawlessness and insurgency.

“I also ask you to support this administration’s programs in achieving sustainable peace and security,” he said.

With only six months before stepping down from power, the President said he is bothered by the threats posed by crime and drugs as well as by the communist rebels.

“Gawain mo lahat, lahat, lahat kaya mong gawain to suppress itong dalawa: drugs and terrorism perpetrated by the communists,” the chief executive said.

“Iyan lang ang problema natin. We can hurdle it maybe, just maybe, we will have a prosperous and beautiful country again.”

At the same time, Duterte urged all concerned agencies in the region to undertake all the necessary actions to address the decades-long power crisis in Mindoro.

Those agencies should work together to ensure a reliable and efficient power source for the continued growth of the local economy and improved quality of life for the Filipino Mindoreños, according to the President.

“Indeed, if we address these key issues among our people, they will not turn towards extremism and, instead, they will contribute significantly to nation building,” he pointed out.

“As President, I assure you that the government will provide unrelenting support to your respective initiatives in securing lasting peace in the country. Join me in this fight so that we can build a stronger and safer future for the next generation,” he added.

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