Masbate BM Arevalo: Leni has no corruption cases, violent history to rewrite


Masbate Senior Provincial Board Member Jason Arevalo said that Vice President Leni Robredo has nothing to lose in the upcoming elections as she has no corrupt acts to protect nor dark history to rewrite.

“What is it up for Leni to want to win? To be able to serve her people more; better. Nothing more,” said Arevalo.

“What is it up for her to lose? Nothing. Wala,” he added.

The Masbate politiko said that the Vice President does not need to panic amid the issues surrounding her opponents in the upcoming elections.

“She has no corruption cases to protect herself from. No dark and violent history to rewrite. No family stench to deodorize. No billions of pesos to protect and recover. No billions in estate taxes to be freed from. No ICC case waiting. No plunder cases in store. No cronies and businesses to nourish and expand,” said Arevalo.

“So, bakit siya dapat mataranta sa harap ng nakakatawang zarzuela? he asked.

Arevalo has been one of the vocal local leaders supporting VP Leni.

“Leni deserves to win though. For far from being the most competent and qualified, she is without any baggage. Leni deserves our votes; the Office. For this nation. For our children,” he said.

“For truth be told, unlike these issues of dynastic families who see public office as birthrights, this simple housewife, UP-bred economist, lawyer for farmers and the poor did not even dream of becoming this nation’s second highest.
Well-meaning Filipinos, however, hope and dream she be this nation’s next President,” he also said.