VG Lagman talks about radio interview without politics as a topic

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Albay Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman shared his recent experience being interviewed on the radio without touching politics, even calling it “liberating” for him.

“Istorya ko sana saindo su 1st time ako ma-interview sa sarong radio program where there were absolutely ZERO topics about politics. Grabe, ang saya saya pala! So liberating to be free, if only sa sarong oras sana, from the mundane world of politics! Hehe,” he said.

“I was on the hot seat being “grilled” about very personal matters by Albay’s uber better versions of Boy Abunda (sorry, Golden Boy Adrian Nacion Loterte) and Kris Aquino (just so much more beautiful hehe),” he added.

Lagman said that the message here is that there’s so much more “textures and dimensions” to people who may have public personas.

“That it’s always a ‘more than meets the eye’ dynamic. Kaya wag mashadong judgmetal po ano. Hahaha” said the Vice Governor.

“Well, here’s to squeezing in more of these light moments! Let’s remember that we only live once. Let’s let our hair down every once in a while. So thank you, Top of the Line, for the experience! Hehehehe,” he added.