Tinambac Councilor Jonas Soltes will vote for good Bikolanos


Tinambac Councilor Jonas Soltes will vote for Vice President Leni Robredo as president because she is a Bicolana, but he doesn’t consider this regionalism.

In a Facebook post, Soltes said he sees nothing wrong in choosing a candidate who hails from the same region as you do, as those from other regions are bound to do the same.

For him, this can be viewed as sending the region’s best.

What would be regionalism is if Robredo, upon her victory, would only hire people from Bicol, he said.

But he is certain she would not resort to this practice.

Soltes also said that in the same vein, he would vote for other Bicolano candidates, particularly Chiz Escudero, Leila de Lima, and Antonio Trillanes IV.

But he would not support Bicolanos who would not use their position for the common good.

Compulsive liars or thieves would never have his vote, he said.

Choose good Bicolanos!

“I will vote for Leni Robredo primarily because she is Bikolnon.

There is nothing wrong with preferring someone from your place when the election is done at large, when every person from every other place in the entire Philippines can vote also for one of their own that there is a level playing field. This is not regionalism. This is sending our best, so to speak.

Regionalism will be when she is elected President and, as sole appointing authority, she only hires someone from Bikol. (It becomes nepotism when she appoints only friends and relatives.) But let’s cross the bridge when we get there. It won’t happen anyway with Robredo at the helm.

This is the same reason why I will vote also for Escudero, De Lima, and Trillanes.

My sympathy for anyone from Bikol who is seeking a national position ends however when he or she intends to use his or her power not for the common good of all Filipinos. You may be a Bikolnon but when you’re a thief or a compulsive liar or both you will not have a space in my ballot,” Soltes posted.