Naga City Vice Mayor Cecilia de Asis is the “Lola Boss” to girls she helps

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Naga City Vice Mayor Cecilia de Asis is happy that her efforts to help girls at a shelter are being appreciated.

In a Facebook post, De Asis shared  a sweet note from one of the girls thanking her for her assistance and calling her “Lola Boss.” 

De Asis said she feels sad when the girls leave the shelter, but is happy for them that they get to be with their relatives again.

She is touched by how thoughtful they are, and she is happy that she was able to make a difference in their lives. 

She is a boss who is loved!

“among d papers i saw while cleaning- i feel sad pag lumalabas na mga girls sa shelter but im happy dat dey will be united  w der relatives.  touch by der thougthfullness – glad dat i have made an impact on d girls- dey call me LOLA BOSS


,” De Asis posted.