Masbate BM Arevalo asks: How can the Palace keep on defending Pharmally?

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Masbate Senior Provincial Board Member Jason Arevalo is wondering how President Rodrigo Duterte and the Malacanan Palace keep on defending the embattled Pharmally Pharmaceutical, whose own employee admitted that they swindled the government.

In a Senate hearing recently, Pharmally officer Krizle Grace Mago admitted that they tampered with the expiration dates of face shields delivered to the Department of Health.

“Pharmally’s focal person in government projects, when asked if the company has swindled the Filipino people, either in a rush of conscience or simply caught off-guard, answered in the affirmative,” Arevalo said.

“She was pointing to the deliberate changing of the expiry dates of medical-grade face shields procured from them by the government,” she added.

Pharmally is the newly formed corporation which was able to bag billions worth of contracts from the government for the purchase of alleged overpriced face shields and face masks.

“Such an answer is what we call in our laws on evidence as an ‘admission against interest.’ Such kind of an admission carries so much evidentiary value, a damning one at that,” said Arevalo.

“The unscrupulous predatory men behind this company has the blood of those who perished from this pandemic,” he added.

President Duterte and the Malacanang have been defending Pharmally ever since the controversy erupted, even asking the Commission on Audit to look into the financial books of Red Cross, whose chairman is Senator Richard Gordon.

“How can they sleep soundly at night, oblivious to the cries and wailings of the dying and those who tend to them?” asked Arevalo.