Dimasalang Mayor Michael Naga gets important health tip from his daughter

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Who needs a nutritionist when you have a thoughtful daughter like Dimasalang Mayor Michael Naga?

In a Facebook post, Naga shared a cute exchange he had with his eldest daughter Mikee.

He said that while they were eating lunch, Mikee asked him to drink water.

He went on to grab a soda bottle, but she reminded him that he should drink water, not soda.

It was good to have someone who would look after you, he said.

Mikee may be very young, but she cares about her dad’s health a lot!

“While eating lunch: Mikee: Dada drink water! (I took the glass and poured coke) Mikee: Dada, drink water! Not that one! Good to have someone who will always look after you. Love you always ate mikee. ” Naga posted.