Masaya ka-bonding! VP Robredo shares a glimpse of Jesse’s simple joy


The late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, found happiness in simple things, not grand gestures, according to his wife Vice President Leni Robredo. 

Robredo shared this tidbit as she posted a video of Jesse, Naga’s former mayor and beloved son, singing with his constituents.

The video was taken from a 2012 Facebook post and sent to her.

According to the Vice President, it was typical of her husband to prefer spending time with the people he serves.

He found happiness in being with them and enjoying simple, everyday life, and not in the grand things, she said.

Masaya siya ka-bonding! 

“This was sent to me last

night by Allan. He said it came from a 2012 facebook post. This is sooo Jesse


 This was what happiness was for him -not the grand things but the simple, everyday ones spent with constituents,” the Vice President posted. 

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