Unfair ‘yan! Ako Bicol solon opposes ‘bakuna bubble’ proposal

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Ako Bicol Rep. Alfredo Garbin bucked the proposal to have a “bakuna bubble” to help businesses amid these trying times.

“[W]hile I understand and agree with the science or reasoning behind the “bakuna bubble”, I cannot agree on the proposal to open establishments for the vaccinated only, at least not at this time,” said the Ako Bicol solon.

Garbin stressed that vaccines are not yet accessible to all, noting that the vaccine supply for Filipinos at this time is not even sufficient to cover 20% of the population.

“Obviously, it will not be fair and it is not a logical policy to deprive the unvaccinated when we cannot even provide access to vaccines,” he said.

Garbin said that the better policy now is to ramp up vaccine procurement and inoculation and to encourage Filipinos to be vaccinated the soonest possible time.

“Once we have reached herd immunity or at least made the vaccines accessible to all then we can consider totally opening the economy or consider the implementation of the “bakuna bubble,” he said.

“Flexible solutions must be a solution that is fair to all,” he added.