Delta is here! BM Arevalo urges Masbateños to comply with health protocols

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Masbate Senior Provincial Board Member Jason Arevalo told Masbateños to not let their guard down, especially with the detection of Delta variant in the province.

“Delta is here,” said Arevalo.

“And this probably explains why the Covid 19 attack rate in the Province has been one of the highest in the Region the past three weeks,” he added.

The Delta variant is more contagious form of COVID-19.

“And if this still will not scare the cynical, the careless and the “pasaways,” we don’t know what will,” said Arevalo.

He also appealed to thr people to listen to experts and the authorities. “We protect ourselves, we protect others.”

“Mask up. Double mask up even. Go out only when necessary. Avoid parties and social gatherings. Udong na anay san irinom, surugal, burulang, lantuag kag karaon lalo na sa confined restos kag bars. Wash hands often. Sanitize commonly used areas with chlorine or alcohol. Maintain cleanliness. Get vaccinated. But most importantly, pray to God for deliverance,” he said.