Masbate Gov. Kho imposes preventive measures amid Delta threat

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Masbate Governor Antonio Kho has issued an executive order implementing several preventive measures to combat COVID-19 as well as the threat of the more contagious Delta variant in the province.

“No individual shall be allowed to enter or leave the province of Masbate during the period from August 12 to August 19, 2021,” the EO read.

However, an Authorized Person Outside his Residence (APOR) may be excluded from the travel restriction provided that he is able to provide the following:

1. Identification;
2. Travel Order where applicable;
3. Full Vaccination from Covid 19 received at least 2 weeks before travel;
4. Negative results from his RT-PCR Test, Saliva Test or Antigen Test.

The order also states that any person in the province of Masbate below 15 years old, those who are over 65 years of age, those with immunodeficiency, comorbidity or other health risks, and pregnant women should remain in their residences at all times.

A curfew is imposed from 8:00 PM until 5:00 AM against non workers.

“Allowed up to 50% of the seating or venue capacity provided that participants shall strictly observe the minimum public health standards,” the EO read.

“Wakes of individuals who died of causes other than COVID-19 shall be 3 days,” it added.

Meanwhile, public transportation is allowed to operate at such capacity and protocols in accordance with guidelines issued by the Department of Transportation.

Nevertheless, indoor and outdoor non-contact Sports are allowed.

The order took effect starting 12:00 midnight of August 12, 2021 until lifted.