Legazpi Councilor Baltazar lauds Mayor Rosal for his brand of leadership


Legazpi City Councilor Vince Baltazar has expressed his appreciation to Mayor Noel Rosal for his dedication to bring the city into greater heights.

Baltazar made some reflection as he
will be entering his 15th year in public service as a City Councilor of Legazpi.

“I want to appreciate the man i adore, a man of principle, humility and dedication, the architect of the modern Legazpi,” he said

“He have changed the landscape and direction of the City to a more prosperous and developed place in the Map of the Country today. Created a competitive and exciting environment for the new generations full of opportunities. He have brought progress in our lives, education, economy and infrastructure and others a like,” he added.

The councilor described Baltazar as a leader who is a “big dreamer and a humble doer.”

“[B]ut despite all the things you accomplish – you maintain humble and thirsty for more progress,” he said.

He also thanked Rosal for being an inspiration of hard work and perseverance.

“I learned to work hard because you work harder,
I learned to be a dreamer because you always been a doer,
I learned to love the people because you put your heart, soul, mind and everything in what you do,” he said.

“We “the youth” and the hundred of thousands of the new generation will always be Grateful to you! We are always with you in everything you do. Salamat sa pagiging inspiration idol Mayor Noel E. Rosal,” he added.