Remember this Thomas Jefferson quote for next year’s election, says Legazpi Mayor Noel Rosal


This early, Legazpi Mayor Noel Rosal has some advice for Filipinos when they head to the polls next year to choose the next set of leaders.

On Facebook, Rosal shared this quote from US President Thomas Jefferson: A politician looks forward only to the next election. A statesman looks forward to the next generation.

In his post, Rosal said this was a good reminder to all of us when we vote.

We should think of what is best for the present generation and for the future generations to come.

We should think long-term, not short term!

“A qoute from one of the greatest president of america…President Thomas Jefferson….maybe a reminder again to all of us in choosing our next leaders…let us always think of what is best for this generation and the genarations to come…happy weekend,” Rosal posted.