Go natural for your national ID, San Fernando’s first lady Michelle Mabulo reminds town residents

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San Fernando’s first lady Michelle Mabulo had an easy time getting her national ID.

But Mabulo has a useful tip for those who would also have their biometrics data registered: ditch your makeup, including your lipstick.

In a Facebook post, Mabulo shared that the process for getting her national ID only took 10 minutes.

The only downside she experienced was she had to take off her lipstick.

To save others the time and effort, she reminded them that they need not get dolled up.

Getting a national ID is different from getting a passport, where you can be made up, she said.

Be all natural for your national ID!

“I had my National Identification done in 10 minutes at PhilSys San Fernando. The only downside was I had to take off my lipstick



So friends don’t put make up when you are going for your ID


it’s not like going to DFA for passport


Thank you to all the staff!,” Mabulo posted.