Tinambac Councilor Jonas Soltes shares what he takes seriously and what he does not


As a politiko, Tinambac Councilor Jonas Soltes knows that there are some things to be taken seriously, and some to be taken lightly.

For Soltes, all things that have anything to do with his duty as public official are to be considered serious matters.

Public officials should act as if what they are doing is a matter of life and death, he said in a Facebook post.

But the politikos should take their positions lightly.

He urged them not to act as if they are greater than those who are in positions of power.

They are public servants, after all!

“As public officials, we must take our jobs seriously, as if every action of ours is a matter of life and death. But, as officials, we must take our positions lightly. We can never act as if we are always higher or greater than everyone who do not have our powers,” Soltes posted.