Beware of scammers using his name to get cellphone load, says Odiongan Vice Mayor Diven Dimaala


Some scammers are so audacious that they even ask for cellphone load in the thousands of pesos while using the names of politikos.

Odiongan Vice Mayor Diven Dimaala warned of such a modus in a Facebook post and cautioned his friends and followers against falling for the scam.

According to Dimaala, somebody pretending to be him called a restaurant to order wine and food.

The scammer also asked for cellphone load, with the amount adding up to P19,900, he said.

He apologized to the business owners who fell prey to the scam.

He also said he was actually in Manila for medical reasons and for official business.

Extra caution is a must!

“To all concerned,be watchful of calls not on your phone book.

Just today at the Romblon capitol, somebody pretended to be myself ( and even tagged the vice governor Felix Ylagan to be in his company) ordered sumptous food with wine combo and later the scammer requested for a cp load amounting to 19,900.


Big sorry to the victims.(Ms Johana Aura and Carins Yabao)

I am in Manila for a medical and official business.

The Vice Governor is also in Manila.

Scammers are scattered everywhere.Be aware,” Dimaala posted.

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