Robredo meets with doctors, hospital reps to discuss COVID-19 spike in Naga

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Vice President Leni Robredo has attended a meeting in Naga City together with doctors and representatives of the hospitals to discuss the recent spike in coronavirus cases in the city and Camarines Sur.

They also explored ways on how they can all help decongest our hospitals, some of which are already on full capacity.

“We agreed to expand our Bayanihan E-Ataman operations to cover the entire province (right now, it is only operational in the 3rd District). As we have learned from our recent experiences, it would take a whole of community approach to stop the surge,” said the Vice President.

Robredo also said that the following are the initial recommendations from the meeting:

1. LGUs must allow Home Quarantine as long as this is feasible. Meaning, patient has own room and a comfort room that can be used exclusively;

2. LGUs must have their own safe and comfortable isolation facilties for Covid-positive patients who are asymptomatic or those with mild symptoms, where home quarantine is not feasible;

3. We are willing to extend Bayanihan e-Ataman to cover (1) and (2), meaning they will be given Covid care kits all will be monitored daily. Patients with red-flagged symptoms will be referred to doctors and given appropriate interventions;

4. It is best for LGUs to have their own supply of oxygen tanks and made available to patients so that interventions can be done even with patients on home quarantine, without need of hospitalization. Only those recommended for hospitalization by the doctor will be referred to hospitals;

5. LGUs must ensure the safe travel and transport of Covid-positive patients to and from hospitals or isolation centers.

“Thank you to Mr Allan Cu of Avenue Plaza Hotel for hosting and Mr Abet Bercasio representing the business sector for facilitating,” said Robredo.