In demand! VP Robredo records 47 graduation messages in three days

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It looks like many students want to hear what Vice President Leni Robredo has to say.

In a Facebook post, Robredo shared that for graduation season, she recorded 47 messages in three days— 20 on Tuesday and 27 on Thursday.

Before the pandemic, she could only accept a few invitations because she would need to travel to be present at the graduations.

But since the graduations are now done virtually, she could send a recorded message and would not need to spend for travel.

It’s one of the silver linings in these times.

And now more students get to hear from the VP!

“Graduation season still on. Recorded 20 messages last Tuesday and 27 speeches today. 47 in three days. Pre-pandemic, I can only accept a few and, most of the time, I needed to travel long distances, fly, stay in hotels just to attend a graduation. Now, I can be in many all at the same time and do not have to spend for travel expenses. These are some of the silver linings in this time of great difficulty,” Robredo posted.