Barcelona, Sorsogon walks the talk when it comes to LGBT rights, says Vice Gov. Wowo Fortes

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When it comes to inclusivity and respecting LGBT rights, Barcelona, Sorsogon does more than just pay lip service to the idea.

In a Facebook post, Sorsogon Vice Gov. Wowo Fortes said Barcelona is a place where all are welcome, given importance, respected, and loved.

A concrete example of this is the presence of the inclusive bathrooms in the Barcelona Town Hall, he said.

Aside from bathrooms for males, females, and PWDs, there is a bathroom for the LGBT community, he said, as he shared a photo of these.

There is a reason to celebrate pride month in Barcelona!

“All are welcome, important, respected and loved here. One example is our inclusive bathrooms at Barcelona Town Hall. Happy Pride Month! #ShareWithPride #PrideMonth,” Fortes posted.