Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman admires Pacman’s balls of steel

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For Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman, Senator and boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao doesn’t just have balls, he has balls of steel.

Lagman expressed his admiration for Pacquiao in a Facebook post after the latter said he wanted Errol Spence to be his opponent the next time he steps into the boxing ring.

Pacquiao really showed the courage of a lion and the heart of a champion, he said, as he would be fighting the best, who is also younger and undefeated.

Nobody could deny that Pacquiao is the greatest Filipino boxed of all time, he added.

In picking Spence for what could be his last fight, Pacquiao was showing Filipinos what he meant when he says his fight is for them.

Filipinos should root for him, he said, and added that he himself wants to renew his passport ASAP so he could watch the battle.

Lagman also made it clear that he was purely talking about sports and not politics.

Pacquiao’s politics is a whole other matter!

“Sports lang, okay? Walang politics. This man has balls of steel.

The courage of a lion. The heart of a champion. Grabe. Sen MP didn’t cherry pick his opponent in Errol Spence. He is fighting the best. A much younger man. And an undefeated champion. Wow.

No one can deny that Pacman is hands down the greatest Filipino boxer of all time. And this is arguably his last fight and his launching pad to boxing immortality. In its strictest sense, ito ang ibig sabihin niya ng “para sa iyo ang laban na ‘to!” As Filipinos, let’s all root for him.

Gusto ko na ipa-renew pasong passport ko. As in. ASAP!!! Haha,” Lagman posted.