Proud dad! Masbate BM Arevalo lauds son for finishing senior high

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Masbate Senior Provincial Board Member Jason Arevalo couldn’t help but tear up a little while watching the graduation ceremony of his son.

Arevalo also looked back to the day his son Joaquin first set his foot in Claret School in Quezon City.

“For fourteen years, Claret School sheltered and schooled you. It’s been your second home away from home. I could still remember the first time your Mama and I brought you to your school. Straight from the law office, I went to pick you up from home for your qualification exams. You were so excited and fidgety at the same time. You’d be out of your comfort zone and Mama would be nowhere in sight. Ah, that was 14 years back,” said the politiko.

“Now, you have just graduated from senior high. As a new chapter beckons for you, know well that we will alway be here for you, me, your Mama, Mama Bodz and litlle Lorraine,” he added.

Arevalo also hopes that his son would live Claret’s ideals.

“Watching your online graduation from here made me cry. I wish this were no pandemic time. I wish all of us were there to cheer you, to embrace you for a job well done. From where I sit here, tears fell from my eyes. And those are tears of joy,” said Arevalo.

“Even without me in sight all these months, you never wavered in your resolve, you never reneged on your promise to study hard. I knew your struggles, as a student and varsity player. I felt the hardships of burning midnight candles and training no end for soccer tournaments in Manila and abroad. But just as I always reminded you, a man’s true worth and strength are polished by the agitations of experience,” he added.